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Pregnancy and Parenting Connection is a group just for moms. Are you a mom, or mom-to-be, looking for encouragement, education, or community? We invite you in.

Pregnancy and Parenting Connection is a group just for moms. It is for all moms, first time or fourth time, twenties or thirties, single or married. We meet once a week throughout the year to encourage moms in their journey, equip them to parent, and foster friendships with other moms who attend the group.  

What can you expect if you were to attend a meeting? We begin each week with dinner provided by our generous donors and a time to socialize with the other moms in the group. Child care is provided (all caregivers have up-to-date clearances), so you are free to eat a hot meal and enjoy conversation with other adults. When was the last time you were able to enjoy this luxury?


Dinner is followed by a topic that is delivered by an expert in the area that we are addressing that evening. Some of the topics you can expect, but are not limited to, include labor and delivery, nutrition, breastfeeding, reading to baby, sleep, CPR, budgeting, and much more. There is always time for questions and lots of interaction with our speakers. You will find our setting to be informal, yet informative! We also value your input, so please feel free to share your knowledge as well.

To wrap up the evening, we spend time talking about some of the struggles of life and parenting, some of the needs of the moms in our group, and we take time to pray about those things. Everyone shares as they feel comfortable, but it is not required. We just want you to know that we care, and you matter to us!  

Not only do you gain knowledge and companions for the journey through our group, but you are able to earn points to purchase items from our baby boutique. You can take home diapers, wipes, clothing, blankets, hygiene products, and much more just for attending our group!

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at 814-234-7341 or by emailing me at sheila@scprc.com.

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