Do I have to miss a period before I come in for a pregnancy test?

No. However, PRC suggests that you wait 10 days after having intercourse before you come in for a pregnancy test. This is to insure that you have an accurate test result. The hormone hCG is detected for a positive result. Typically it takes 7-10 days for this hormone to be at a detectable level.

Will my visit be confidential?

Absolutely. Pregnancy Resource Clinic has a very strict confidentiality policy. We will not tell anyone about your visit unless you give us permission to do so. When you enter Pregnancy Resource Clinic, you can be assured that we will do all we can to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. Pregnancy Resource Clinic will hold in confidence all the information that you provide except in the following instances: if you are homicidal, suicidal, under age and being abused, or abusing someone else. In cases such as these, we are required by state law to report such instances.

Do I need an appointment?

In order to minimize your wait time, it is better to schedule an appointment. In order to be tested for STI’s, you must have an appointment. To set up an STI appointment, contact us.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

Pregnancy Resource Clinic asks that you bring a photo I.D. with you to your appointment.

Is there a cost?

No. Pregnancy Resource Clinic services are free. For more information on getting tested for STI’s at Pregnancy Resource Clinic click here.

Do you have contraceptives?

Pregnancy Resource Clinic does not hand out contraceptives (condoms, birth control, Plan B, etc). We do have information on how they work and their side effects.