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When you think of PRC, you may think of pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, but did you know that we also offer on-going programs to help you along in your parenting journey? We want to equip parents to do their very best through the early years, in addition to helping you provide for the needs of your little one(s)!

We are so excited for the launch of a new program that we have started implementing at Pregnancy Resource Clinic, called BrightCourse, which is an evidence-based program for pregnant moms and parents of children two and under. Through BrightCourse, video lessons that are relevant to where you are in your parenting journey are sent to you to complete on your own. There are over 200 videos available related to pregnancy, parenting, and even life skills such as budgeting, buying a car, and co-parenting!

Through this program, you will earn points to “shop” in our ever-expanding baby boutique, earn gift cards, or work toward larger items, such as a crib, stroller, or pack n’ play. The number of points earned is based on the length of the video and your completion of the pre-tests and post-tests. Additional points can be earned by meeting with a client advocate at the clinic every two weeks to discuss what you have learned, as well as by attending our Tuesday evening support group, called Pregnancy and Parenting Connection (PPC).

If you are not familiar with our PPC group, it is for moms with children through the age of two. We have experts in many areas of the pregnancy and parenting journey who come to share educational information. More importantly, we hope to provide a support system of mentors and peers who will be there to encourage and empower you along the way.

So what are you waiting for? Call the clinic at 814-234-7341 to get enrolled today!

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