5 Valentine’s Dates That Won’t Land You At Pregnancy Resource Clinic


Valentine's Date

Valentine’s Day.

One of the most loved/dreaded days of the year.

Chocolates. Roses. Candle light dinner over a bottle of wine (or sparkling cider if your under 21). The traditional “romantic” Valentine’s date is the norm, the expected. And speaking of expectations, well, let’s just say that it may not be love that’s in the air.

Tired of the same-old, same-old? This year we want to offer you 5 Valentine’s date options that aren’t the expected, typical Valentine’s fare. And these Valentine’s dates won’t land you at Pregnancy Resource Clinic.


If you or your significant other has a bit of an adventurous streak, why settle for a typical Valentine’s date? Why not head to Tussey Mountain for some skiing or tubing? Not quite that adventurous? How about a hike to Jo Hays Vista overlooking State College?


Maybe you prefer the artistic over the adventurous. If so, why not an evening at 2000 degrees where you can create your own painted pottery masterpiece?

The Group:

Maybe you’re single, maybe you’ve just started spending time with someone you’re interested in, or maybe you just have some awesome friends you really love. Hanging out with a group of friends is a great option for Valentine’s Day. Why not plan a night at the Bounce Funplex or some laser tag at What-A Blast. Sure, it may not seem as romantic as a candle light dinner, but a night full of friends and laughter is a great way to spend the evening no matter what day it is.


If you’re looking for some options on the entertainment front, check out the free movies at the HUB. Or maybe swing dancing is more your style. Want to take in a classic? Then “here’s looking at you kid”.  Casablanca at the State Theatre may be just your thing. And if that’s not enough options, there’s always the No Refund Theatre Show.

Giving Back:

Maybe you’re all about spreading the love; it is Valentine’s Day after all. If that’s your thing, why not grab a cup of coffee, take a stroll around campus and turn off the lights to help conserve energy as part of Friday Night Lights Out.

And if none of those options sound good, there’s always a candle light dinner at one of the 3 local McDonalds.

Of course, just planning one of these date nights isn’t going to keep you out of the Pregnancy Resource Clinic. But if you’re thoughtful enough to plan out a great date, you can also be thinking ahead. It’s important to be intentional about keeping yourself out of situations that put you at risk for an unplanned pregnancy or a STI. Bottom line: we want you to have a great Valentine’s Day and we want you to stay safe. But if you do find yourself needing some help, know that we’re here for you.

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