How Can I Help My Friend Who Had an Abortion?


 Friend who had an abortion


You may be the first person your friend has told about her abortion, even if it happened months or years ago. Clearly she trusts you, but she still may be afraid of your reaction. Will you be critical, or compassionate? Will you tell her secret? The first step in helping your friend is to listen. Let her share her thoughts and emotions. Let her share her journey and where she is now. Mourning is a natural part of the post abortion process, but we all mourn in different ways. Take this time to hear what she is saying and find out what she needs from you. During this conversation avoid giving advice, just listen and love her.

Be Available

She chose to tell you because she believes you are a safe person.  She believes she can trust you to help her as she processes what she is thinking and feeling after her abortion. But it will take more than one conversation to do this.  So during this first conversation, just listen. There will be other talks when you can ask more questions and give some input. The important thing for now is to let her know you are there for her and that you love her.

Professional Support

Over time as the two of you talk, you may realize your friend needs more help than you are equipped to give. That’s where Pregnancy Resource Clinic comes in. We have trained staff and volunteers who can meet with your friend. We also have support groups where she can process her grief with others who have abortion experiences and begin the journey to healing and hope.

Abortion Recovery Help Program

The support programs at PRC are available for both women and men who have experienced abortion and are free and confidential. If your friend is interested in the programs or would just like to talk to a trained counselor, please contact us at 814-234-7340 to set up an appointment. You can even come along if they don’t want to come alone.

Remember, the best way you can help your friend is to be a safe person who will listen as they process their experiences and help them find the professional support they may need to find healing.

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