Seven Tips for a Safe St. Paddy’s Day


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It’s springtime at Penn State and that means Spring Break, State Patty’s Day and even the real St. Paddy’s day. So much to celebrate and who doesn’t need to get their inner Leprechaun on at least once a year.

And while all the parties may be just a normal, expected part of college life, they can pose a significant risk for women. A few bad choices can turn a great night out with friends into one of the worst nights of your life. At Pregnancy Resource Clinic we care about you and want you to be safe. We believe knowing the risks involved and having information that can help you make informed decisions is important.

Did you know?

Of all the sexual assaults on college students, at least 50% are associated with alcohol use


43% of the assaults involve alcohol consumption by the victim and 69% by the perpetrators?


When it comes to acquaintance rapes, 90% involve alcohol?

This isn’t about fear, it’s about being aware aware of the statistics and your surroundings so you can make decisions that increase your safety, whether you’re drinking the green beer or not.

Seven Tips for a Safe St. Paddy’s Day

1- Set A Limit. Decide in advance if and how much you plan to drink and stick with that decision.

2 – Pace yourself. Drink no more than one drink per hour and alternate water between drinks to stay hydrated. Also avoid drinking games.

3 – Who’s Got Your Back? Go out with a group of friends and keep an eye out for each other. Have a secret word that any of you can use when you feel like a situation is unsafe. If someone says or texts that word, getting them out of the situation is your top priority.

4 – Keep It With You. You want to know what you are drinking at all times, so never set your cup down, don’t let someone refill it or take it out of your hand. It only takes a second to slip something into your drink.

5 – Stay With The Group. Your friends can’t keep an eye on you if you leave the group. So stay at the party in a well-lit area and don’t go somewhere they can’t see or hear you.

6 – Trust Your Gut. Don’t ignore your instincts if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable. Get out of the situation as fast as possible.

7 – Share The Plan. Treat a night out like a hiking trip by letting friends who aren’t going know who you are with, where you will be and when you plan to be back. That way if something goes wrong, someone knows where to find you.

8 – Don’t Do It. We know, we said 7, but this one should go without saying. Don’t drink and drive and don’t get in a car with someone else who has been drinking.

If You Need Help

If you find yourself in a situation this St. Paddy’s Day where you need immediate help contact the police. Also, if you or someone you know has been victim of sexual assault, The Centre County Women’s Resource Center is a great resource for support. They even have a 24/7 helpline and can be reached at 814.234.5050. And, if you think you may be pregnant or have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or want to talk to someone, please contact us. We’re here to help.




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